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Supporting Institutions


  • The European Institute of Halal Certification (EHZ) as a non-profit organization is supported by "Islamrat für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland" and "Bündnis der Islamischen Gemeinden in Norddeutschland e.V. (BIG e.V.)".


    Islamrat für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland

    Islamic Council for the Federal Republic of Germany


    The Islamic Council for the Federal Republic of Germany (IR) is considered one of the most important and largest Islamic umbrella associations in Germany.
    IR was founded in 1986 as a national coordinating body and joint decision-making body of Islamic religious communities in Berlin.The Islamic Council is an autonomous Islamic Religious Community in the Federal Republic of Germany within the meaning of the Constitution (Basic Law) and the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.
    The IR perceives itself as the legal successor of the 1932 founded "Islamic World Congress, branch office Berlin (registered association)".
    Islamic Council is since april 2007 a founding member of "Koordinierungsrat der Muslime KRM" - Coordination Council of Muslims - and Ali Kizilkaya is alternately for 6 months its spokesman.



    Bündnis der islamischen Gemeinden in Norddeutschland e.V.




    Alliance of Islamic Communities in Northern Germany (registered association)

    BIG eV was founded by Muslims in Neumünster as regional association based in Hamburg. It's a member of the Islamic Council for the Federal Republic of Germany.

    The Alliance organized local Muslim communities, focusing in Hamburg (nine mosques, including the Central Mosque), Schleswig-Holstein (six mosques) and Niedersachsen (two mosques).

    Beyond that BIG also maintains three educational institutions.



Supporting Institutions