EHZ consults the food, medical and cosmetic industries, inspects their products and production methods and certifies them, if they met the Islamic halal guidelines – established by Council of Islamic Scholars of institute.

Reports are examined by the Council of Islamic Scholars, which must agree to the granting of all certificates. EHZ Halal Logo stands for proven halal quality

Sharia Board


Islamic Theologian, Islamic University Al-Azhar (Egypt)

Ramazan UÇAR

Islamic Theologian, Islamic Fakulty Damaskus (Syria)

Mustafa Mullaoğlu

Islamic Theologian, Islamic University Al-Azhar (Egypt), Mufti (Austria)

Hulusi ÜNYE

Islamic Theologian, Erciyes University (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Saffet KÖSE

Islamic Theologian, Marmara University (Turkey)

Dr. Mustafa DUMAN

Islamic Theologian, The American University in Cairo (Egypt)


Islamic Theologian, Marmara University (Turkey)