1.  Register documents for profiling (to preparation for the site inspection)

• Filling-in the documents: self-manifestation

• Listing of all used raw materials and food additives / spices with each suppliers (to have an overview) + Product Specifications

• Listing of all meat-suppliers (if meat is used in the production)

• sending the EHZ halal criteria catalog to applicant

2. Appointment for site inspection

• Product specifications (e.g. allergens checklist) of the spices / food additives are required.

At this must be ensured the freedom from pig DNA, other animal parts, blood and (intoxicantly) alcohol.

3. Laboratory testing and controlling of the (meat-) suppliers

• Countercheck at an independent laboratory of used raw materials and food additives  (random testing with agreement of the certificate holder of number and scope)

• Auditing of meat suppliers (if meat is used in the production)

• Calculation of halal certification fee

4. Presenting of the site inspection and laboratory reports to EHZ Council of Islamic Scholars (Sharia Board)

5. Informing applicant of the result of EHZ Council of Islamic Scholars: failed or passed

6. Signing of halal contracts

7. Sending the halal certificate (if required in English and other languages